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Ultimaker S7 (JP)



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Ultimaker S7 (JP)​


  • Print Volume: The maximum size of objects that can be printed.
  • Layer Resolution: The thickness of each layer that the printer can achieve.
  • Print Speed: The speed at which the printer can produce objects.
  • Material Compatibility: The types of filament or materials that the printer can use.
  • Connectivity Options: USB, SD card, or network connectivity for transferring print files.
  • Build Plate: The type and characteristics of the build plate, which is the surface on which prints are created.
  • Filament Diameter: The diameter of the filament the printer is designed to use.
  • Software Compatibility: The software used to prepare and send prints to the printer.
  • Heated Bed: Some printers have a heated bed to improve adhesion and reduce warping.

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